Halloween Special

Written by on October 29, 2017

So its that time of the year again when everyone dresses as a sexy vampire or a wizard and no one is really scared of their costume, but as a gamer you know what Halloween is all about, its time to leave your doors unlocked, turn the lights out and play some of the scariest games out there…Now I remember a long time ago a friend of mine jumping when the dogs appeared in Resident Evil 4, you read that right RESIDENT EVIL 4 one of the least scary of the entire collection.

But surely you’re not here to play to play resident evil, now 7 does bring back the old days but there are some indie games out there that blow it out of the water, remember in resident evil you can to a degree protect yourself with a gun or knife…Now imagine you walk into a room something jumps out in front of you and BOOM you blow its head off, sure you jumped but you killed it. Now imagine the same thing, you get jumped you turn and run and you look back to see this thing hunting you. You hide in a closet but is it enough as you see the figure approaching, even though you know it know where you are your hearts pounding as your immersed in the moment.

So what sounds better for a night in on Halloween, I would say the second one…So You have read this, what could these games possibly be? Well I shall leave you in suspense no longer, along with game trailers these are some of the scariest games you can buy and they are not heavy on the wallet Happy Halloween!



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