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I am not very good at blogging but I will do my best :), here you can see what I have planned every month, this will be updated as and when but definitely at least once a month so check back here in the first week.

September 2017


This month I launch the website (finally) I have been working on it on and off for the last month but what better time to launch then September. So a little about the website, while I am a podcaster I want this website to be a place for all people interested in indie gaming to come, devs, music composers etc. I have plans to add sections so these guys can showcase their work so stay tuned.

So onto gaming, in the next few days Dragon Slumber will provide a review copy for Astral Traveler, I will be doing a video review of that for CFN so stay tuned :).

I am also helping out Sokaikan games with Okinawa Rush. Now when I say helping out I mean beating the high score 🙂 oh and of course trying to convince Steve the developer to make an even more difficult level than Grand Master, Grand Master is hard when you don’t use weapons and perks sure, but I want it to be next to impossible with weapons and perks, I want to suffer :), he has been working on a secret mode lately but he’s currently busy working on ports for the game so all you lucky console users watch out!


So the first show for September featured a survival game called distrust and SONIC MANIA, super excited to play a proper sonic game, took a couple of decades to get here but hey!

Second show this month will be an interview with an Indie Dev who is working on a metroidvania game, it looks awesome I can’t wait to speak to them

As for the other shows, stay tuned for more info.

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